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Increase Revenue

Afterhours when your reception is closed, Nitel operators can answer an enquiry, convert to a booking, process the payment and provide room access.

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Who are Nitel?

Nitel has been established for over 20 years providing specialized services to the hospitality industry. Our industry specific call centre utilizes a proprietary software system developed in-house and is unique to Nitel.

Can a property use Nitel to offer a 24/7 service to my guests?

Yes, when you head off home or out to dinner Nitel is here for you, from late afternoon all through the night and weekends too. Enjoy Golf or tennis, perhaps fishing on a Saturday, out with friends on a Sunday … with Nitel it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg to staff your premises while you enjoy life.

How much does it cost?

Much less than you would imagine, in fact our records show that with our low monthly fee some of our clients are paying less than 60 cents per hour (AUD$0.60) ... but rest assured, even though our price may be amazingly low, our service is amazingly high. Contact us now, we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements and confirm pricing with you.

Do I need special lines to connect to Nitel?

Not at all, Nitel can accept calls from any site...anywhere. Nitel will liaise with your telephone system provider to ensure all your important numbers are answered by us outside your normal business hours. This includes your 1800 & 1300 numbers. Your calls will be seamlessly answered in your business name (or the greeting of your choice) and processed by our professional operators.

Can Nitel transfer calls to guest rooms?

Yes we are able to transfer calls to any guest room extension on your site or to any phone (landline and mobiles) anywhere in the world. Our system can keep details of all guests and staff members.

Can Nitel process Walk-In guests after hours?

Yes … Nitel has systems created specifically to accommodate after hours walk-in guests so you don’t miss out on this extra revenue. One of our sales representatives would be happy to discuss this with you and demonstrate how we can help you make more $$$$.

Can Nitel process Lock-outs by guests after hours?

With years of experience dealing with many varied requests from guests at all hours of the night and early morning, rest assured that we have a tried and tested strategy for looking after your guests (and you) including guest that are locked out. It's hard to imagine a late night scenario that we haven't experienced... so now you can sleep easy with a minimum of disruption.

When can I start using Nitel and how long does it take to set up?

You are able to start using the service immediately once it has been set up which usually takes just a few hours. For full access to all Nitel's hospitality solutions, set-up may take up to 48 hours.

Are there various levels of service and can I upgrade or downgrade between them?

Nitel provide a single premium level of service providing maximum functionality to all our clients. From time to time Nitel has introduced upgrades to the service. Typically, software upgrades will be provided to all our loyal clients FREE of any charges. If site work is required to access a specific feature/benefit a charge may be applied and therefore, opting in/out of the specific upgrade would be at the client’s discretion.

Is there a contract or lengthy agreement?

Nitel offer a month by month agreement and have never had to tie clients up in lengthy fixed term contracts. We provide a quality service to our clients and boast an extremely high rate of customer retention. We understand that by providing a unique service specifically designed for the hospitality industry, and by continually communicating with our clients, the vast majority will continue to use our services for the duration of their business.

How do I pay for the service?

Our billing system accepts most methods of payment including Direct Deposit, Credit Cards and cheque.

What sort of clients does Nitel cater for?

Nitel Hospitality Solutions has been developed over many years as a Remote Front Desk Service specifically for the Accommodation Industry. If you want calls answered, processed including call transfer to guest rooms, wake-up calls delivered, late check-in access and Walk-In bookings ….. Nitel is your answer.

If one of our guests asks a question is Nitel able to answer it?

Nitel has been providing answers guest’s questions for many, many years. Our software systems offer screen pops to our trained operators providing specific information about your site and the local area. We will of course discuss with you the information you want available to your guests and will always act on your behalf.

Can I access and control information about my property?

Yes …. Our system can keep details of your site including predefined guest details as allowed by you. These details can be updated/changed by you at any time from our online portal. In most cases (and at your request) Nitel can automate the delivery of client approved detail direct to our systems. These systems are exclusive to Nitel

Can Nitel really do all this for me, give me my life back, reduce my costs and make me money?

YES YES YES and YES…. and with our proprietary systems you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get connected, and how economical our premium service is.

So …. What am I waiting for?

Nothing …. We really do it all …. and only you can do it better

Contact Us Now … Nitel really is your answer!

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